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Skills taught in the FNP program

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Hello there,

I am a FNP student, and I will be graduating this May. Our university may or may not be teaching us how to suture, I&D, etc.. Is there a formal requirement for demonstrating competency in said skills prior to completing them after graduation. This is a bit of a frustrating topic since the faculty do not seem interested in teaching us in this area.

Thank you!


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There is no skills competency test.

You an always learn these skills in CE workshops. You may or may not need minor surgical skills in practice.

That being said, you program should teach you an introduction at least.


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Thank you Boston,

I am considering getting a PA from work to teach myself and classmates how to do a few minor procedures, and was curious if I needed something specific to demonstrate that I had been "taught" how to do that skill in particular. I agree, the program should teach us skills like those, but I'm not keeping my fingers crossed.

If you ever get a chance, I recommend the skills workshop by Denise Ramponi. She does it a few times a year out of Pittsburgh area. Costly but excellent (I just attended last month).