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Hello fellow nurses, 

Question about home health here. I have been a nurse for 8 years, with 3 of those years being in home health. Most of the time I love this job and feel pretty confident in my assessment skills and skills In general, but other times not. For instance I feel comfortable performing common visits (assessments, wound vacs, wound care, IV’s, etc.)but it is few and far between that I ever have a pt with a new trach or TPN for example. Basically what I’m wanting to know if there are any reputable websites or subscriptions you can subscribe to that will provide you with up to date step by step nursing skills education, rather than just finding a random video online. Thanks for any info in advance!




I would contact the staff development department at your local hospitals to see if perhaps they could assist you. 


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Some Manufacturers of wound-dressing, tubes andsoon have good videos on theire websites.