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Hi I am from Cali and I am sick of the city. After I graduate from nursing school, I would love to live near a ski resort up in the mountains where I can go skiing in the winter, and then mountain biking in the summer...Are there any great locations in Utah? Is the housing really expensive near ski resorts? How close are the hospitals? Thanks so much!



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There are many different ski resorts in Utah in many different places. If you live in salt lake city you will close to several nice ski resorts and the housing is nothing like it is in california. A starter home here can often be found under 200,000. I don't know how long that will last, however. If you want to live near fancy ski resorts where all the movie stars go then you'll want to live in Park City. That's where the Sundance festival takes place every year and movie stars frequent resorts like Deer Valley. Park city is full of places to ski. If you are looking for something more in the country with smaller resorts but gorgeous surroundings look into living in Eden (it's a small town with 3 ski resorts nearby and one of them (snowbasin) was rated among the top 10 ski resorts in the nation a year or two ago). Or you could live in Ogden and be close to two hospitals with about a 15 minute drive up the canyon to Eden and the nearby resorts. I hope that helps some. You can live most anywhere in Northern Utah and be near a ski resort.

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