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I'm a 33 yo single Mom, My baby turns 1 on tomorrow! I have a BFA in Photography and currently work in the printing industry. It's my dream to be a CNM though, so I am going back to school. I am easing my way back in with one class per semester this year (I work 40 hours a week right now), next Fall I will be going to school Full Time! I am in an ADN program since I can't afford the BSN route immediately. My plan is to get a job as an RN and work on the BSN, and eventually the Master's degree, over time. I'm very excited and very scared! This is a big change for me, I always said nothing would ever get me back in school:)

Any other career changers? I wondered if I would be the oldest person in my classes, but Nursing seems to be one of those things that quite a few people arrive at later.



I'm changing careers too. I'm 25 and for the past 7 years I've worked in technology. The last 4 years of it, my husband and I had our own tech business (but like most of the .com's, we went under too.......). I was frazzled, burnt out and broke and decided I needed a change of pace.

I've always wanted to do something in the medical field but never went to college -- so here I am!! :) Starting over. I am so lucky that my hubby is supportive. Together, we decided that I would go to school full time. The first 2 semesters I would work part time to help with old business debt, but that once I started my 2nd year, I could go PRN (I work at the local hospital as a unit secretary).

Congrats on starting something new. It takes courage to turn around and do something so different than what you've been doing!!! :)

--zannie :)

Kimtab, welcome to the club. I'm 45 and decided a few years ago to follow my true calling, nursing. For one reason or another, I couldn't get to it until now.

Now, I'm starting my 1st year of a BSN nursing school. (BSN because I had enough electives to count for it.)

I'm excited and scared at the same time, but I don't think I'm the only midlifer.

So hang in there, and as a friend of mine always says, when in doubt, "BREATHE".:)

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