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Calling on Simmons FNP online graduates,

Is the program worth the pricetag? I've already been accepted, the $$$ has me a little cautious which I knew prior to applying.

Thanks in advance!

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I don't think the education is better than any other online school. If you just have tons of money to spend, I'd go to a school with a reputation like Vanderbilt.

Other schools like University of South Alabama have decent reputations and cost a lot less.

I did one semester there and I did not feel like it was worth the money. I did learn, but the webcam classroom was a joke and that is why I was willing to pay the price. The Patho professor had us do a powerpoint each week with a small group and then each group presented the material and she added anything that needed to be added but it could have been done using any online format.

I dont have tons of money to spend... that's why I was asking if this program was better than other programs

Where did u end up switching to?

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I declined the admission to this school because i found medical schools that were about 30k more and i was like SIMMONS is twice the cost of other NP programs. I also looked at the reviews as well and they were not good enough for the pricetag.

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