Silly question but how does your EC work?


I am wondering as I am a student and have had little EC experience. I was so scared to do my EC rotation. My mind jumped to the trauma side of it. However when I did a rotation at a children's hospital in the EC it was not as frightening as I had made it up to be.

We fortunately did not have an traumas come through. However if we did a team was assigned to it. First thing prior to shift change the group was able to assign what they wanted to do that day. For example triage, trauma, and North and South side. I followed a nurse assigned to the North side (the south worked the same). The area ran very smoothly. A huge board would show everyone what acuity the room had and the triage nurse tried not to assign a nurse with two higher acuities and if she had to she tried to at least space them out. I am really not sure what the trauma nurses did or if they took any pts. I wish I would have asked.

My EC rotation is coming up in the adult world and I am looking forward to it. I think I can handle an adult trauma much better than that of a child so I am not as nervous but still a bit nervous of the unexpected.

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What is an EC? Please define your terms.

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