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SICU RN, I just turned in my applications

Hi everyone, I have been following this forum for over 7 years now. I was 17 when I had back surgery and met a CRNA. I decided I wanted to pick up this career, went to RN school at a local community college, got a job at a level 1 trauma Surgical/Trauma ICU (1.5 years), got my BSN while working, took O/bio chem, physics, got my CCRN, took my GRE, and literally just turned in my first few apps. I also plan on retaking medical physiology this coming winter.

So....It's been 7 years and I am getting nervous. I keep dwindling and running the numbers in my head. Such as, is my gpa good enough, science gpa, GRE scores. etc. Most of the forums I have been following were from 5-7 years ago, I have not seen any recent posts about getting into CRNA school. I know a lot of it is about the interview and how you do, I was wondering if anyone has advice on the schools I applied to: USC, LLUMC, CSUF, TWU, Gonzaga, Samuel Merritt.

My GPA is not the most competitive: 3.39, GRE 300, science GPA is about a 3.5. I know I shouldn't be worked up about the numbers, but I can't help it. I know I have the capabilities of being top tier in CRNA school, and I have the work ethic of a horse and am pretty quick witted when it comes to patient care, but I'm just so doubtful :(

This has been a dream of mine since I was 17, so any support would be greatly appreciative.


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What were your grades in Orgo/bio chem?

Honestly, but with love, your GRE, GPA, and experience are all quite average. Nothing about this profile stands out very much. It is good that you have your CCRN and that you've taken some recent science classes - these both show that you're serious. It is also good that you applied to 6 different schools. Because of this, you've significantly increased your chances at getting into at least one.

If I had to guess, without knowing these schools at all, I'd say you're likely to get at least 2 interviews, if not a few more. Hopefully your LOR's are stellar as is any essay that they may have required. As far as the interviews, that is up to you. If you interview well and prepare well, I think you've got a real good shot at getting in somewhere this round.

If not, find out what you could improve and stick with it. A few of my friends have stats like yours and didn't get in anywhere for their first year of trying, but I think they only applied to 2-3 schools, and they did get interviews. The bottom line: people with worse stats than this have gotten in, so just don't give up.

Hi Mully and thank you for replying. As for my stats I am aware I am scraping it to get in. With this fact, I have gone out of my way to see all the directors of each school (except gonzaga and texas) with an informal personally meeting, so they know my face. I have As in chemistry, physics, and patho.

I have raised my GPA from a low 3.2. Been in school non stop and I'm not stopping. It's just been a heck of a road, I'm wondering how you think I could prepare for an interview? Other than CCRN


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It adds a lot that you have done well in your most recent science classes.

Prepare for the interview as in prepare to answer the obvious questions you know they're going to ask. You should definitely know what you're going to say for things like why do you want to be a CRNA, greatest strength, greatest weakness, a time you failed, a challenging patient, what types of patients you take care of, and expect follow up questions on the care of those specific pathophysiologies.

When I went to my interview, there was only one question that I hadn't already prepared for and practiced answers to. I'm not talking about having a script, but if you go in and start fumbling around your answer for "why do you want to be a CRNA?", then that doesn't say much about your preparedness, especially for a profession where if you show up unprepared, your patient could die because of it.

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Gonzaga I believe only takes 5 OR 6. I have a friend there who had excellent stats and experience before getting in. Sam Merritt, have a friend who applied last year, awesome stats and already an msn. No interview offered. 400 people applied.

West coast is very impacted.

Keep trudging! I was a bedside nurse for 16 years before I was able to go. Plenty of time for yoi! Good luck

I have an interview with TWU in 2 days. They didn't give me much time to prepare, so I'm going to just search these forums for possible questions. Again, I truly appreciate your advice and will take all I can get

Yeah. I work at an institution that has the program, and by the sounds of it, it's really tough. I don't have doubts that eventually I will get in, be it this year or the next 2

Good luck on your interview. I know a guy that got accepted to TWU last year. He said they quiz you with a lot of clinical questions to make sure you know your stuff. I hope to be applying in a few months!

I just got in! They gave me a spot at my #1 clinical site of choice, right after the interview (: They asked me about PEEP, Neuro, ICP, EVD. Since my specialty is Trauma and Neuro. It was not as bad as I thought it was going to be, to be honest. Just smile a lot and look over CCRN material!

Mully, THank you for your advice. They offered me a spot right after the interview! I'm going to wait until I hear from SM or USC, before I make a decision. Thanks for responding, greatly appreciate it!


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Wow! How cool! Congrats.

Don't think I've seen a thread like that before - asking for a review of stats and two days later they are in.

Congrats! I am way behind the op. Just finishing first semester of a BSN, but this gives me some hope for years down the road. Had a lowly 3.1 GPA from first bachelor's, so the highest I can really expect to get my total college GPA with all A's (not gonna happen) from here on out would be a 3.6 or so.

So did this site get rid of or merge the Pre Crna Inquiry section? I haven't seen it on my phone since the update.

My GPA was 3.1 as well and I was able to get it up to 3.39...painfully and with a lot of time since I was working full time. I say, just keep taking science classes when possible and must must get an A! lol But a lot of the interview I believe was swayed because of my personality and the questions I asked about their programs. I had them talking politics about Obama care etc. They loved it.

As for the pre crna inquiry, im not sure where that is. I used this site mostly to compare myself to fellow CRNA applicants, but when it comes down to it, it's just about you and how you present yourself to the board. Definitely not as bad as I have read from other posts.


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The Pre-CRNA forum was merged with the Student Registered Nurse Anesthetist forum.

Congrats. I interviewed there too. I wasn't offered on thespot.Hopefully I hear back soon.


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Congrats! Hoping to be in your boat this time next year. Also will be applying to TWU, Gonzaga, and Sam Merritt. Which clinical site did you get offered at TWU? I am hoping for Denver.

I got Colton, CA. I live around this area so it is convenient for me! My 2nd choice was Denver as well. I hope all the best for you! Let me know if you have any questions on your journey

Not sure about USC or SM. I was accepted last year to llu kpsan and twu and also have a friend at twu. Let me know if you have questions.


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Hey mlr03! I just wanted to let you know that I work at one of the TWU clinical sites in Denver! (UCH) I am not applying there, but have shadowed the program director for the site. She is AWESOME! I talked with her about the interview and she said it is more about getting to know you and why you would be a good fit for the program. Her biggest advice was to sell yourself and tell them why they should pick you! I know it is very competitive because they usually only pick 3-4 students per clinical site (at least in Denver), and the majority of applicants work at the hospital. However, for the 2013 year, every person was from out of state! I talked with 2 of the SRNA's and they said they absolutely loved the program and loved being able to remote in the lectures during the first didactic year. Hope this info helps and good luck to you! Again, the site director is awesome!! I almost wanted to apply there just because of her. :)


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Not sure about USC or SM. I was accepted last year to llu kpsan and twu and also have a friend at twu. Let me know if you have questions.

TimeToDream- what school did you end up choosing? And just curious, would you be willing to share your stats? I applied to KPSAN last month and should hopefully be hearing back later this month. I feel like I am competitive and on my over-the-phone counseling session, I was told I was a competitive candidate. I am just so nervous to hear back! If you don't want to share, would you look at mine and give your opinion?

Here are my stats:

-2+ years full-time Neurosurgical ICU at a huge academic hospital, level I trauma (3 years by the time of the program start date)

-3.69 GPA, graduated with honors

-CCRN, ACLS, PALS, TNCC, NIHSS certifications

-On 2 hospital committees and nominated board member on ICU council

-work as relief charge and also have started precepting

-Lots of volunteer work/community service over the past several years

-Advanced Spanish speaking (I know that probably won't make a difference)

Thanks for any advice! :)


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