Sickest or Not Sick Patients?


I am currently working on a CTICU and have lots of great experience with PA catheters, ECMO, VADS (internal and external), IABPS, and CRRT and pretty sick/unstable patients. I have been thinking of pulling the travel trigger for a while and one of my biggest concerns, and something i have been told by my peers, is that if i travel i will no longer be able/trusted to take care of the sick/unstable patients i love taking care of. Is this rumor unfounded?


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There is a high need for open heart recovery. So you can take assignments that fit what you want. Confirm during interview though, agencies aren't always in the know about clinical conditions, and often neither is the hospital HR who informs the agency about the opening.


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I trained at a level I hospital with tons of High Risk OB. I find that when I go to level 2&3 hospitals where high risk emergencies are few and far between, they're glad to have someone with the extra experience. You could be a welcome resource!


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Honestly, they will give you the easier patients to begin with until you prove yourself and they are confident in your abilities. I find it easy just to be upfront and honest and say "I can do this" or "I don't feel comfortable taking that" etc. Especially since some hospitals allow you to pick your own assignments, I don't see this as being an issue. CVICU is in demand, but be aware that it isn't in demand EVERYWHERE. So, if you take the plunge, just keep in mind you are subject to where the needs are.