Shreveport RN pay? Job shortage?

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Hi everyone, getting back in nursing after two years out. (About 2 1/2 yrs exp. med surg and neuro) I've applied Part-time and Relief position on Med/Surg, Tele, and a Rebab unit nights and various shifts, Really curious as to what I should even suggest as pay IF (cross my fingers) I get an interview. Any input would be appreciated. Will take full-time if I need to as well, I mean if they are only willing to orient me that way?

Also is there a job shortage? Wow, just in 2007 when I graduated I wasn't even interviewed because there was such a nursing shortage. What is the deal? Getting nervous...


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bump...any nurses in shreveport/bossier out there on this site?


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Hi from what I can tell there isn't really a nursing shortage in Alexandria LA there have been layoffs. I'm looking else where for work and doing resumes and everything. Like you said when I graduated I didnt feel out any apps I was hired immediately.


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With regards to the nursing job shortage in shreveport, Willis Knighton and Schumpert have RN positions on their website, so they are hiring, just not as many spots... LSU has a hiring freeze for nursing and rarely has a RN spot come available... I know its not much help and you probably could have figured this out by looking at each hospital's respective job websites.