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If you already work for a hospital, they will draw all the necessary titers for free! :)

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I work at a hospital and they checked my titers. I needed a hep B booster.


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I'm 42, and had the same problem. The titer test was the option I chose and turned out immune to everything. I didn't need any other shots.


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I returned to school for Practical Nursing last August 2004. I was in the same boat at age 49 then, not a single record of my immunizations anywhere. My mom had no idea where they were, hadn't looked for them since I was around 10 years old.

It's cheapest to go down to local health dept. & have them run new vaccines & TB. Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to wait around as you must in any gov. facility for an appt. I had mine done by family physician, who's always fast, surprisingly not that expensive. I know I didn't pay more than $40, may have paid less.


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We needed proof of MMR, Chicken Pox, TB, Tetnus and Hep B. I had the MMR as a kid but couldn't find any records of it. I didn't have any health insurance - it was cheaper for me to have MMR again through the Public Health Department ($50 per shot for MMR, Hep B, Tetnus & $20 for TB) then to have the titers drawn (was quoted $175). As far as chicken pox, my school accepted a letter from my parent stating I had it when I was a kid.

$50 for a MMR shot? OUCH! My school nurse does them for $5!

I can't find any of my shot records so I had to do the MMR again. Will have to do the TB test within 90 days of starting nursing classes (this fall) I've had chicken pox. I will do the Hep B but it is not "required"

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