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Hello, I'm a little confused, I'm 21 years old with a 4 month old baby right now I'm not working but I need to find a job soon. I wanted to become a Lpn in order to find a job and after go for Rn, the problem is that all the Lpn programs that are "near my city" are 1 and 2 hours away and also are a full day programs, what make it so difficult for me to work, pay a babysitter, and go to school for time. I found a RN program 2 hours away from my house the program is Hybrid/Weekend it last 3 years and is in a community college.I want a degree, I want a job, I want a better life for me and my baby...I feel so bad when my husband talks about his friend and at least 2 of 5 have a degree and good jobs and I'm only a housekeeping. Should I wait until my baby is old enough and start school(I don't have nobody to help me is only me, my husband and my baby) or should I go for Rn even it takes 3 years or maybe more?Thank you so much!

Look into programs in your area to help with daycare or even the schools you are thinking of applying to. I went back to school when my little one was 9 months. I moved back to my parents but he went to daycare(I had assistance from our local DSS) also my school offered a daycare program too but there was a wait list. I failed my first attempt at RN then started LPN right after tonight is my pinning and It was all worth it. I missed a lot of time with my little boy but like you it's for him to provide :)

DSS might me a good place to start and then the schools.

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LPN schools can be expensive and they do offer loans RN at a community college will allow you to possibly qualify for grants, scholarships from the federal government (if your husband doesn't make too much $$) and lower interest loans. RN is better pay in the long run and more guaranteed jobs. LPN's can't do as much as the RN and some places are hesitant to hire because of that. Good luck!

I look at it this way,either route you take you will become a nurse :) Being a parent myself I totally understand where you are coming from. The LPN route is considerably quicker and gets you in the field sooner. You can still work around the school schedule .RN you know takes two years to complete and almost every one says working if possible should be avoided. You have the choice of selecting a program that can be a great stepping stone into a nursing career or the relatively hard to access,longer timescale of the RN route. I chose the lpn route because im a single parent and dont have time right now for the RN program..

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