Should I have taken Biology before starting CNA program?


I'm starting a CNA program in the fall at a local community college. The only preq for the course is English 101. I haven't taken any science courses yet in college. I'm really uncertain if I should have taken those courses prior to attending the CNA program. For those of you that are currently in a CNA program, was the coursework easier to understand because you completed a biology course before attending?


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I don't remember anything related to biology or any other science prerequisite courses related to the CNA class I took. Maybe you might get some neat little tidbits of information here or there, but the classes are completely different in their focus.

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A biology course is completely unnecessary for you to learn the basic caregiver tasks that you will be completing in a typical CNA program (bed making, toileting, transfers, feeding, simple charting, showers, baths, positioning, etc.). The CNA program is task-oriented, and a biology course really will not enhance your understanding of these basic tasks.

You won't need it,,,,but you could start taking classes like that so you can go on to RN school on day. Actually, you need anatomy and algebra to apply for nursing school.