Should I take TEAS prep classes?


Hi guys,

So I'll be taking my TEAS exam soon, and my school is offering TEAS prep classes for science, math, reading, and English. Each class is like $55. I haven't been able to study much because I've been busy with summer classes and work. I'm just wondering if you think it's worth taking these classes? I think I should at least take the math and science ones since I haven't really studied much and my reading and English skills have always been better. I'm just wondering if you guys think its worth the money? And should I take all the classes?

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It depends on if you think you can spare the money. Personally, I used that money on practice assessments on the ATI Testing website and ended up doing very well on the TEAS without a class. If you learn better that way though, I would consider it.


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I would take the class do to the fact you have a lot on your plate & you just said you haven't been able to stud much....Good luck!!