Should I take a math review course?

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My CC offers a ten-week course titles "Mathematics for Health Care Professionals." I think it would be a good course for me to take to refresh my math skills (I've been out of school for 12 years!) But, the 3 credits will not be usable for my nursing degree or in the future for a BS degree.

I was thinking I could review math with the book "Dosage Calculations Made Incredibly Easy." I already have the book and it starts at the beginning with decimals and fractions! Then I could take Sociology which is a pre-requisite in my program and get that done.

Any advice? The course starts next week.




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That sounds exactly like the math course I took, Math for Allied Health. It was a great course. A lot of dosage calculations and statistics. It was only 3 credits, plus it was mostly online for me through my school, and even though it doesn't transfer into the nursing program I'm in now, I found it invaluable. I was terrible, TERRIBLE at math in HS, but I got a 99% in this course, and learned a lot.

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Thanks, Whitney.

I think it will be a very helpful course. It is not offeredonline through my school, but I can take Sociology online during the January intersession.

Thanks for your input:)


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M -- My choice of action would depend on whether I thought I needed the math for any other required course.

If you're already in the program and don't have to take any additional algebra, stat's, etc. -- or any other class which you feel at a severe disadvantage -- then I'd go with "Option 2."

Good luck!


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My advice: take the math, even if the 3 credits does not apply to your degree. It never hurts.

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