Should I take a Home Health position as a new grad?

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HI Nurse Beth,

I just graduated and I am on the hunt for an RN job. I take boards in less than a week, and I'm excited to begin working as a nurse. At the hospital I currently work at, I really love my job. Unfortunately, they are not hiring due to COVID. I've applied to hospitals in the area and I have not heard anything positive back from them. I did get an offer from a Home Health Company but the reviews are not great, the pay is confusing (its per visit not per hour), and I am worried about being a new nurse all on my own in the field. They say they have a good training program, but I am worried about not knowing how to do something and I don't want to lose my license. So my question is should I take the home health job to get some RN experience? Or should I keep working as a Nurses Assistant until the right job comes along? Thank you!

Dear Excited,

CONGRATS on graduating!

I would not take the home health position. You would be on your own, expected to make decisions based on assessments, without experience from which to make those decisions.

No matter how good they say their training program is, they cannot make you an experienced nurse overnight. Just the fact that they are recruiting a new grad is concerning. Is it possible they cannot hold onto staff?

You need support and guided learning your first year, and you will be shorting yourself greatly if you don't get it. Hang in there. If you have a job as a CNA in a hospital you like, it's most likely just a matter of time until they offer you an RN position.

Stay where you are, be the best employee you can be, and make a good impression on your coworkers, charge nurses, and manager. Re-evaluate your situation in 6 months if you have not landed a job by then- but I think you will.

Good luck taking your boards!

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth

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