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Should I Take a Caregiver Position for the Experience?

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I have a decision to make. I am in my first semester of nursing school (RN). I have an opportunity to work about 10 hours a week as a caregiver for a patient at home where I will be able to learn hands-on skills like administering meds through a feeding tube, breathing treatments, ROM exercsies, bathing, Foley care (cleaning), brushing teeth, etc. I thought this might be really good experience for me since I have not done very much hands-on in my clinical so far and I am very nervous about next semester. The only problem is that this would take up more of my time. I already do medical transcription part-time from home for extra money, plus I have my children and family at home. Time is precious.

Do you think the benefits of this experience would outweigh the time I would lose? I am certainly not doing this for the extra money. Any advice would be appreciated.


i took a similar position while in school, and yes, i'd say the experience was definitely worth it. the number of hours sounds quite reasonable- but only you can determine if you're doing well enough in your studies to be able to devote the extra time.

anything that you learn will be a benefit to you

however, you only have so many hours in the day, use them wisely

only you can determine which role has to take priority

families have to take some hits when a parent is studying much of the time but if they have some special time on a regular basis

school work has to be taken very seriously because what you are learning today will influence how good a nurse you will be for the rest of your career

your work will provide the means to live, how much time is transcription taking now?? one of the benefits of working from home is that your family is close and you can interact with them

the job you are thinking of will take you out of the home, maybe requiring child care and transportation but the stuff you learn will be valuable

let us know what you decide


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The experience would most certainly be beneficial. HOWEVER, family time and good grades take priority in my opinion.

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