Should I take basic arrhythmias?

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Currently, I am a CNA and taking care of my lvn prereqs. My cc offers a short term basic arrhythmia class in the fall and I am wondering if I should take it?

Do you think this would help get me into the nursing program? Do we learn arrhythmias in the lvn program? At the very least it is ceu for my cna cert.


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Uhm, do you mean arithmetic?

Nope, this deals with the heart rhythms.

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I'm pretty sure the poster means basic (cardiac) arrhythmias.

To the OP: I don't think it'll necessarily help you get into a program, but once you get to the cardiology part of it, you'll be a bit ahead because you'll know the basics. Taking it won't hurt you, and it might not help... but only you can determine if the cost of the class is worth it to you. If you end up taking an ACLS course, it'll definitely help with understanding that course.


In my case, I am second deg nurse so I could use an extra class or two. Plus, any help for the lvn program is a plus.

At the very least I will be a Super CNA with med terminology, pharmacology and basic arrhythmias. Lol.

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