Should I stop trying?

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Okay so I've been trying to get on at the local hospital for well over 6 years now, and I get a rejection letter every time. I've applied to 6 different positions this year alone. Does it look bad to keep applying to the different positions? Will it look bad if I call and kinda ask what it is I need to do to at least be considered for a position? Not sure what to do, I am now currently in a ADN program and I am worried that if I can't get on as a CNA how the heck will I expect to get on as an RN? Confused and not sure where to go from here. :idea::idea:

You can't win the lottery unless you play.... You get the point. Keep applying! I'm sure they just have a ton of applicants.

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you could call and ask when you were rejected, it doesnt hurt to find out what my be keeping you from getting a position

You might want to try a little you know anyone who works there? Friend of a friend that could arrange a meeting and do something to put in a good word for you? Anytime you could volunteer there? Volunteer somewhere else that would look good to the hospital?

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I would not stop trying.

I would volunteer there to get familiar with the hospital.

Good luck :)

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Thanks y'all I will definitely keep trying, and will try to call and see what I need to better my chances, the rejections are 2 different things either I don't meet the needs they are looking for even though I have 10 + years of CNA exp, or it was filled, but thankfully my clinical is there so I get to network with some of the girl's I work with there.

Take a good look at your resume. If you can have someone else proofread it and your cover letter. There may be an error in it which is causing them to turn you down. Good luck to you.

Over 5 years ago I was desperately wanting a job with one of the big hospital chains in my area. I put in over 230 applications for different positions in less than 6mo. I applied for a phlebotomy position not even knowing what a phlebotomist was, but they were willing to train. I got a call to interview, and I had been praying because I still didn't know what a phlebotomist did. The first thing they said when the interview started was that they were looking for a secretary and noticed I had secretarial experience. I got the job, and 5 years later I am still working with this company as an RN. It has been a blessing to work for them, and many doors have been open to me because of it.

Moral of the story: Never Give Up!

Keep on applying and definately volunteer if you can ~ it get's your foot in the door and you show them that you want to be a member of their team.

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