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Should I still send it?

I interviewed last week on Thursday for a hospital position, and I shadowed on Monday for that unit. I was planning on sending out a thank you letter on Monday, but completely forgot. Well, Tuesday afternoon I was offered the position and received an offer letter via email yesterday to confirm that.

Should I still send a thank you letter? Usually thank you letters say something like "This is the exact position I am seeking, and I am confident that I can be a significant contributor to the (radiology/nursing) team. Clearly, your organization is one in which I would be proud to be a part of." I found that online... So it would sound like I am still wanting the job and have not been offered the position. Should I leave that out, or should I add in thank you for this opportunity to work at blah blah blah? Or just forget it? I want to send something, but it seems late now. I do have her email, but I think mailing it might be better?

***Another Question****

I interviewed with the Assistant Nurse Manager, and only met the Manager very briefly right before I shadowed. I'm almost done with my letter, but I had it addressed to the Assistant Nurse Manager since she's the one who interviewed me. Should I be sending this too the manager instead? Not really sure what to do there.

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Another Question

I would still send a thank you, just modify it to be a thank you for interviewing me and I look forward to being part of the team.

Definitely! You never know when you will want another position in that hospital, and it's always nice to have HR and/or managers on your nice list! Congrats on the new job btw!!


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It won't hurt to send a thank you note, and it will put a positive light on you!


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i ran into something similar at an interview last month. I didn't pay attention to the nurse manager's name when she introduced herself plus it wasn't as simple as Mary.So, I didn't know how it was spelled.days passed w/o me sending a thank you note.Fortunately,she emailed me to offer the job and I replied w/ a brief thank you asap. I ended up turning down the offer w/a heavy heart for various reasons but it taught me to be more attentive.You don't have to go fancy with lengthy details.Be brief and courteous.Want to go an extra length, call her up to personally thank. Congratulations!! btw


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