Should I stay or try to leave?

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I have been a registered nurse for 9 months now. I was hired into an oncology unit that is Night Shift.

The position was unexpected as I really wanted to do ICU or ED, but I thought that things happened for a reason.

nonetheless, I accepted the job and now I am chemotherapy certified and care for sick cancer patients! I see pancreatic, liver, lung, breast, and some blood cancers. It’s interesting to learn about.

it’s certainly sad. But I feel like I make a difference where I work and I feel good on the inside. Some nights are more rough than others but I’ve gotten a hang of things..

I have been contemplating a lot about whether I should stay or leave the unit. I am approaching a year, and after that year I am allowed to transfer to another area if I want to.

I don’t hate where I work. I have made good friends, and I am used to how the floor rolls. I just sometimes wonder if it’s better for me to go elsewhere to get more experience. For example, I am horrible at IV insertions and I am not familiar with IV drips and step down care. I know I could get that experience somewhere else. 

on top of everything, I always wonder if I should shoot my shot and try to get into the ICU or critical care unit, which was where I wanted to be at first! I’m not sure if I should though. My ultimate goal is either NP school or CRNA. I know for CRNA I need that ICU exposure. As for NP I know I can stay where I am, but I don’t know if to stay.. 

my career is young and there are many things for me to learn. I just want advice. I’m 24! 

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This is a tough one. You like your job and coworkers.  Not everyone can say that. But you want to try new things, which is understandable. 

So if you switch to ICU and don't like it, will you be able to return to oncology? How strong is your relationship with your manager?

Or can you shadow ICU to get a feel for it? If you don't like it you can stay in oncology. But only if your manager won't take offense to you shadowing. 

I'm at a stage in my career where I would sink my hooks in and never leave if I found a place where I liked my coworkers,  managers and the work itself. It's sounds like utopia. Please send me that energy!

But youre at a stage where you want to see whats out there. I think you should make a plan and go for it. 



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It’s tough because of the great work environment and rapport you have there. Not a lot of machines are that fine tuned so it’s risky.  Go down to ICU and chat with some peeps to get a feel if you’d like the ICU there.  You seem eager and willing to learn new things, keep your options open, go explore, and don’t burn bridges. Good luck!!