Should I Stay Or Go?


Hey everyone. I am sort of in a dilemma. A few years ago, I moved out-of-state with my boyfriend and everything was fine. I worked for a year to get into a Associates Nursing program at a local Community College in Massachusetts. I got accepted and I start in Sept. This should be exciting... Right? Well I am actually really overwhelmed because my boyfriend and I have been on the rocks for awhile and there is no sign of it getting better. I am really far away from my family, going to be 27 years old, and can only pay my bills with the hours I am working while in school. I would have to be dependent on someone for rent. I spoke with Financial Aid at my school and asked about living expense loans and such. They basically told me I am in a really bad spot as loaners will see that I make "good money" as it's based off of when I would be working FT and then this program is "Part-Time" for the first two semester and then is taken as FT. Meanwhile I say "Part-Time" because the hours aren't different than the second year.

So anyways.... I am kind of stuck and freaking out. What should I do about my upcoming school program? Should I back out and move back home to Pittsburgh and start the school process all over? Is it easier to transfer to another program? There is no where for me to go physically and I cannot afford rent with all the bills I have right now and then having my hours cut by more than half.

Please help with guidance or suggestions.

Thank you!!


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I'm sorry about your difficult situation. Don't give up yet! Sometimes certain programs will let you put your start date on "pause"... my college does for certain situations. Maybe talk with them and see your options before completely backing out. You wouldn't want all your hard work of getting into the program to go to waste! I would first talk with them to see, and then if you are allowed to do so immediately start trying to look for options as far as housing and rent. Is there a family member that would be willing to help you out? If not, then I would start looking into programs around your hometown. Call to see if your classes you have as pre-reqs can be used toward their programs.


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Thank you for your advice. It's just really stressful and anxiety inducing. I am going to talk to the program here in Mass as you suggested and see what they think my options could be. I'm also going to contact some schools back home and see what my options are. It just sucks to have to go through the application process and wait list again. I really do appreciate your support.

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Can you apply to some programs back in your home town? Starting a year later isn't going to make or break you in the long run. If you need to be dependent on someone for rent or can't afford all your bills, do NOT go in to debt for it and get loans. Better to take the set back in time. Trust me, you'll be happy you did so years down the road. You're still young. A year is a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of things.