Should I stay or should I go?

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I have been working on the same cardiac/telemetry floor for about 8 1/2 years. It is a very stressful floor that most doctors treat us as a step-down unit with the type of admits they send to us. I have a job offer for a surgical ICU position, but I hesitate to take it because I absolutely adore the majority of the nurses I work with and the teamwork with some of them is amazing!! I really want to branch out and learn new things, but the SICU has a notorious reputation with the director and managers being rather difficult. The turnover is high in that unit, but the turnover seems high all over the hospital and every floor is running short--I think our floor is one of the few that isn't that short compared to the others. Should I leave my mostly amazing co-workers and risk it or just stay where I'm at for now? What do you all think I should do? (opinions so greatly appreciated!)

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What's your goal? Is there a particular reason you'd want to leave your unit?

You might inquire if you could shadow on that SICU. Sometimes I think units get an unfair reputation from other areas in the hospital, but seeing the unit for yourself might help you to clarify if it's a good fit for you (and if the rumors are true!) You could see first hand if the SICU care is up your alley, and if the managers are as miserable as you've heard, lol.

I'd personally stay. I feel like unit culture can make or break a job, regardless of the actual nursing care. I'd rather do work I hate with people I love than work that I love with people I hate (I lucked out because I got the best of both worlds--great work along with great coworkers!)

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I would say take the SICU job, but stay PRN on current unit if possible (still pickup time). That way, it may be easier to go back there if SICU doesn't work out.



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I've always been interested in working with more critically acute patients such as the ER or a critical care unit and that would be the main reason I'd want to leave the unit. I might eventually want to get my ARNP, but there are several nurses working on that now on my floor so I don't necessarily need critical care experience for that. Very good point adventure rn about how the unit culture can make or break the job! Thanks for the input!