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Should I send the email again or just wait?

I sent an email one month ago asking if I would be ready to take clinical starting Fall 2011. He ASKED ME TO EMAIL HIM SOME PAPERWORK regarding just one class (since I'm only one class away from taking clinical). He also said he would email me back as soon as possible with his final decision.One month later................ :yawn: ................... Nothing........ I think he forgot about my email so should I wait it out a little longer or should I send him another email? I don't want my annoyance to affect the decision; that's why I've been against sending him another email. but if I don't..... I probably can't take clinical because he never got the paperwork!

Send another one. It is entirely possible that the email got lost in cyberspace.

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I second SurroDoula--- Send another one.

Even if the email was read by the proff-it has obviously slipped his mind (a month is very patient of you).

Just say that in regard to your last email, clinical's are fast approaching and you are starting to get worried etc'. Totally legitimate.


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