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Hey all! I would very much appreciate any advice I can get on this because I really feel like I'm at an impasse...

So I want to be a midwife. Originally I was thinking of going for an MEPN, but my pre-req grades haven't been awesome:

Anatomy w/lab - A

Microbio - C

Microbio lab - B

Stats - C

Currently in developmental psych (expect I will get an A or a B), nutrition (expect I will get an A), and physiology (struggling hard in that one, would be grateful to get a C/ miraculous if I got a B).

The catch is, I've taken all of those classes at a pretty prestigious university (not to brag, but...) while holding down two almost full-time jobs, doing undergrad research, volunteering as a doula, participating in a sports team, and taking other classes. I know the reason I haven't done as well is because of all the extra stuff I've taken on - the A in anatomy I got because I took it during the summer when my obligations were fewer.

I'm about to graduate here, so the question is, do I retake the C classes elsewhere to bring up my GPA? Or does that look phony baloney if I go and take them at a community college and do well...? Do I shell out a TON of extra cash to retake them through my university's extension course program? Or do I give up on becoming a nurse altogether and go the hippie midwife (CPM) route?

(I don't think doing an ABSN, working as an L&D nurse, and then getting my NP in midwifery is a viable option--having worked as a doula for a bit, I've seen and heard firsthand that finding work as a new L&D nurse is impossible right now.)

THANK YOU IMMENSELY FOR READING THIS LONG POST! And I will be forever grateful for any advice you can give. :)

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If you've already taken the classes at a prestigious university, why are you even re-taking them? Did you exceed the 5 year mark (or other time limit) for pre-req completion?

As for how it will impact your admissions, you'll need to look at how your program calculates their GPA. Do they go by only pre-req GPA? Or do they use your cumulative GPA? I don't think it looks bad if you re-take those courses at a junior college. Lots of kids who go to the big name university in our area go to the ju-co in the summers and re-take courses to boost their GPAs. They find it easier to get good grades because of the smaller class sizes and interaction with the professors.

Once you find out how your program feels about re-takes, you'll know if you should go to the ju-co & re-take or not. Good luck :D


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Theres nothing wrong with going to a Community College to do classes, it saves a ton of money, smaller classes, but this doesn't mean they are easier. Just because it's a community college doesn't mean standards are lower. There are teachers at my school that started out with 30 students and end up with 9 at the end of semester in APII. Its good to redo C's, especially in the science courses. And depending on where you live and who you know, you can be an L&D new grad. I have a friend who graduated with her ABSN and started working L&D 1 month later.


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Thanks for your answers! I really appreciate people taking the time to write back.

My point with should I retake or not was that I haven't done so well in a few classes, and I would like my grades for those classes to be better. I used to be pre-med and I know from many advisor meetings that med schools look down on applicants who take pre-reqs at community college rather than their home university--I guess I was wondering if it's the same for nursing schools. (Though I can imagine it depends on the school.)

And I don't mean to imply it's easier for everyone at community college, but I've definitely fared better in those classes than the ones at my university. :)

Studylots34, re: finding work as a new grad in L&D, that's a great anecdote but statistically things aren't great for new grads all around, and especially not in an area as popular as L&D. I live in a highly impacted area and while I'd be willing to move, I would then lose all my connections. :/ So I don't know how worth it it is for me to pursue that route...


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Yes, I'm aware of the statistics regarding new grads. My point is, if there is a will, there is a way. It is possible, just like my friend. Don't give up, use your connections and I bet you'll find something.

Nicole -

Regarding retaking the classes that you made a C in -- you need to check with the nursing program(s) that you are interested in attending. Many programs have a limit on the number of retakes that they will accept, it's common to see requirements such as only allowing 1 retake for a since requirement and some will only allow a retake if you received a grade of D, F, or W.

Best of luck.

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I would try applying and see how it goes. If you have issues getting in to a school of choice, then I would retake a class or two. Why retake classes if you don't have to? Just give it a go and see what happens.


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Like Bravo said, some nursing programs will only accept the first grade you made in that class, regardless if you take it again and make a better grade. When I was deciding where to do one of my top choices only accepted the first grade you made which made me ineligible to go there. So just make sure you double check with your school of choice. :)

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