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I have been a nurse for 6 months now and I moved to a different city for a new job hoping for something new and exciting. My floor is at times crazy and overwhelming and I haven't made any friends in this new city. Its making me depressed going to work everyday and not having a social life. I want to move back to my hometown but it's been hard trying to apply for jobs since I work midnights and am exhausted all the time. I just want to quit, move back to my hometown and focus on job hunting. My fear is, of course, not being able to find a job soon after. Does it sound like a bad idea to just quit with no other job lined up?

Heavens, do not quit without a new job lined up. Especially since this is your first job, don't do it. I can almost guarantee that you will regret that decision. Instead, do everything you can to learn as much as you can at your job. Start the next step in your education in your spare time. Continue to look for, and apply to, other job opportunities, back home, where you are now, anywhere. By the time you have put in substantial time at this job and/or the next, you will be that much closer to being qualified for a future position back home. Look upon this period of your life as preparation to get a good job back home, if that is what you want. Good luck.

Frankly you sound depressed, R/T homesickness and sleep deprivation; A/E by negative statements. Get better sleep, check out local educational opportunities, entertainment. Exercise! good luck

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I have done what you are doing several times before. It often takes a year or so to make friends, etc. in a strange city. Get more sleep, eat right, get some exercise, etc. Make the effort to make friends. Do you go to any sort of church? Or join a gym ... or take a fun class like cooking or photography ... or volunteer for some charity work ... do something to get yourself out of your apartment and interacting with people on your day off. Invite some of your colleagues out to lunch ... or on a shopping trip ... or dinner & a movie, etc. It doesn't have to be anything dramatic and exciting, just something to get yourself out of the house.

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