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Should I postpone the exam or just push through?


I am scheduled to take my exam this coming Monday and so far I have done all of my question trainers about 91% of the qbank questions, the diagnostic exam, the 4 sample tests, and the practice test with the following scores:

Cumulative Qbank: 53%

Sample Test 1: 50%

Sample Test 2: 52%

Sample Test 3 (Priorities): 87%

Sample Test 4 (Alternative): 28%

Question Trainer 1: 59%

Question Trainer 2: 55%

Question Trainer 3: 42% (rushed because it was due last day of school)

Question Trainer 4: 55%

Question Trainer 5: 60%

Question Trainer 6: 59%

Question Trainer 7: 58%

Kaplan Practice Exam: 57%

Diagnostic Exam: 67%

I know they say to aim for at least 60-65 on all the tests, but i have never been able to get that high. I plan on taking my readiness exam tomorrow and hopefully that'll give me a better idea of where I'm at, but as of now I am freaking out! I really don't want to have to retake the NCLEX as I start my new job in 3 weeks.