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I really need some sound advice. I always wanted to be in the medical field and have been drawn to nursing but there are concerns and doubts I have. First of all, I heard alot of nurses backstab and the pay is not worth it. I also heard that doctor's treat you like a peon. I just got a very negative feeling about it. I would eventually like to become a CRNA. I don't really like science courses but will do them. I do like learning about the human body and diseases and I like that nursing is so flexible as far as the hours and areas of work.

I also have been considering Physical Therapy/Health Care adminstration. But again, I hear the PT is saturated and Adminstration is hard to get into. I got a BS in HR and spent the last 3 years working temp jobs cause I can't find anything. I want to know that when I gradaute I will have a job.

I am also afraid of being sued as a nurse. These days people are sue happy. I got accepted to an accel. BSN program which takes 14 months and received a full schlorship but I am really torn. Can you please help?


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Have you considered shadowing an RN in an area you are interested in to see if it is something that you would like? The nice thing about nursing is that there are so many avenues that you can choose from: med/surgnursing, OB/neonatal/peds, specialty nursing, critical care, research, administration, extended degrees, etc. You will always have a job...For me the pay is just fine, some places make more money than far as doctors treating nurses like peons...i work in a great unit, the nurses and docs have a good working relationship, some docs are better than others of someone on this board says (sorry, can't remember who:) ) you get as much crap as you take...Nurses deserve respect, after all, caring for others is a team effort, both parties are mutally dependant on each other...not to mention that this is something that you will deal with in any job, there are always others that will treat their co-workers as peons...As you may have read, nursing is/can be very stressful, there are good days and bad days, and it can be a physically and emotionally draining job...however, it also as many, many rewards (I am sure you have read about both aspects on other posts)... Any job you choose is going to have bits and pieces of all of these aspects, it is not unique to nursing....It sounds like you have a good deal going on for you, many people struggle to get accepted to nursing school, not to mention receiving a full scholarship, if it were me, I would take it...


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Zambezi gave you some great advice. Only you can make this decision. I've been in your position, and I've gone back and forth. I decided that I will pursue it because it is something that I need to do. Also, keep in mind that with nursing there are MANY different avenues. Getting into an accelerated BSN program is great! congratulations.


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Nursing is a great profession, and the only one I know of that has SO MUCH flexibility. Staff nursing is just the beginning. There's also home health, school nursing, parish nursing, cruise ship nursing, and flight nursing to name a few. But, with a couple years of staff nursing experience, you could also teach, consult, or review cases for insurance companies.

In addition, the skills learned as a nurse can be used in any job or profession. If you are interested in nursing, don't pay attention to the naysayers -- I heard the same thing 16 years ago. I still love nursing and all the opportunities it offers!

Best wishes!

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I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up! I just graduated last month with my BSN. When I started the nursing program, I felt as apprehensive as you did. I often had to question myself along the way as to where I wanted to go in this field. However, there are MANY opportunities for nurses today. I agree with dwoodruff (above). There are many different areas that you can go into, you don't have to think of nursing as just being a bedside nurse.

Hang in there and GO FOR IT. I think that you will find it very rewarding when you find your place!

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Backstabbing is everywhere. Yes you could be sued. Go for it.



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Best advice yet-shadow an RN and see what you think. You may get different advice from different people based on what their current employment situation is. I am sure some places are better to work at than others. Good luck in your pursuits and I hope you find happiness in whatever career goal you pursue.


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Check this out too compare to other career oportunities.

-man I'm glad I found this site :-)-


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I have been a nurse for 23 years. I wish I had never become one. If I were to enter the medical field again, I would research doing sonograms. I hear the pay is good. The work is clean. You don't have other nurses and doctors treating you badly either. You don't have to worry about getting AIDS or other diseases a fraction as much as nurses do. Also, the hours are good.

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