Should I move to take a job at Cleveland Clinic?

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Hi Nurse Beth,

My long-term goal is CRNA. I got an ICU offer from Cleveland Clinic (#2 hospital in the nation), but not main campus. It's for one of their regional hospitals. It's not a trauma hospital, but the residency would still go through main campus. I would be moving from California and was wondering if the name of the hospital system and ICU experience with good 1 year residency would be worth it enough? The pay for is 28/hr for residents and I plan to do 2 years ICU then find a job in an actual level 1 trauma center in CA. Would this also be a good name to have on my resume despite it not being main campus and overall would it be worth the move for CRNA?

Dear Wondering,

I say go for it! and congratulations on the offer!

This can be an excellent place for you, with lots of opportunities.

No matter where your career takes you in the future, and plans can change, an ICU residency at Cleveland Clinic is an amazing start.

You are looking down the road and planning your career all the way through CRNA, and it's good to have a solid plan, but for now, relax into your residency. There is so much to learn in your first year.

Best wishes to you in your new job,

Nurse Beth

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