Should I go for First Assist?

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Should I go for First Assist?

Hi everyone. I'm a nurse practitioner. I have my license in New Jersey and New York.
I'm currently employed as an RN in an outpatient clinic, where I am in office practice nurse for a surgeon. 

I want to be a nurse practitioner for this clinic and surgeon. Right now, they only have PAs but no NPs. My surgeon said that if I got my first assist, I could become an NP in the clinic. I really don't want more extensive schooling after going to school to become an RN and then getting my masters and then my NP! 

What would this entail? I still want to be the outpatient office practice nurse as a nurse practitioner. This might be my only way. 

Any thoughts or suggestions?


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Here's a list of programs, some of which are distance learning:

Several are through NIFA.

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I don't understand why you're not working as an NP already for this practice? Just because they want you to be a First Assist...which you don't even have to be an NP to obtain?

The practice doesn't seem to understand what the scope of practice for an NP entails and they have a strong preference for PA's it sounds like. Are you opposed to seeking employment within a setting or group that hires/values NP's?

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