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Should I go back to work?


Hi everyone. Before covid-19 I was working at a laser hair removal clinic as an RN. When we went into lockdown, I was furloughed. My clinic called me about a week ago letting me know they are reopening in June and asked me if I want to come back. I initially said yes, but now I’m not too sure. They have placed new safety measures/protocals however, I’m not too sure if they are even allowed to open. I will be seeing about 10 clients a day which is way less than before. I’ll be spending and having direct contact with clients anywhere from 5 minutes up to 1 hour and 30 minutes (depending on how many areas they want to treat) in a super tiny room. There will be social distancing in the waiting room area but when they come in the room it will be direct contact from there. They reported to me that they have installed proper ventilation system and face masks+shields will be provided etc... I’m not quiet sure if I want to go back since my parents are in their 60s and my husband’s parents in their 70s. My husband isn’t too happy about me going back to work since he’s worried but if I don’t go back I will be terminated. I’ve worked here for 2 and a half years and was happy with the job. Now I’m not quiet sure what to do. Help?


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Check the client's temperature every hour...wear your mask and shield and have them wear a mask and gloves. Wash your hands...often...last but not least, keep everything sanitized. That is more than your trip to get groceries or supplies. This situation is very controllable unlike your outings. Think of it that way.

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Your choice but keep in mind everyone is a potential covid19 positive. So they get treated as positive. No matter where you work you’ll encounter this. Unless you can afford to not work at all.

I think a place you know and are happy at is way better than a new place you don’t know and you’d still have pt with potential covid19.

To be fully protected you’d need full PPE n95 mask, gown, hair cap, eye goggles or face sheild. And be very careful with Don And doff the right way and of course hand wash hand wash.

my routine is change at work out of my scrubs, socks, shoes and plastic bag everything, go home immediately throw scrubs in washer and me into shower and wash hair too. Bleach spray all personal med equiptment used and work shoes.

good luck!

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I'm in a similar situation - plastic surgery nurse here. Just got the OK yesterday to return to work next week. Not sure where you're situated, but I'm just outside of NYC and elective surgery is permitted now, per the governor. Feeling a bit uneasy myself, as we're going to be COVID testing in our facility a few days preop, and I had to push for our facility to get proper PPE for that, like N95's (not sure if we'll be getting it, but as of right now, we're set up to just wear surgical masks with a face shield). I'm contemplating returning to the job for other reasons and searching for another job, but I spoke with a nurse friend who cautioned me in searching for jobs in other specialties right now such as in SNF's and other long term care facilites, as it's difficult in this geographical area to work in safe conditions. Enarra (previous poster) has a point about a familiar place being better than a new place, in terms of coming in contact with the virus - you can somewhat control the small area that you work in. If you return to work, make sure your administrators allow you enough time to disinfect the room in between clients and put PPE on your clients as well. Good luck to you and stay safe!