Should I go back to school??? need advice


Okay here is the deal. I was in nursing school at a school in New Orleans as of last fall. I failed med surge, and was forced to sit out a semester. I have not been back since. (about half our class of 30 people failed).I really wasnt too crazy about my school, since we go by trimesters and it was extremely fast paced and crammed. Besides from that, the main reason I have not been back is confidence. I was always scared that if I did become a nurse, that I would do something accidently that would severely hurt a patient or even kill them. This fear has kept me from going back to school, as well as the overwhelming feeling that I would never possibly retain this overload of information I was receiving throughout school. It's been almost a year now, and I feel like if I don't go back I might regret it forever. But then I feel as though if I do go back, there is the possibility of me not being a good nurse. Everybody knows me as a person with a HUGE heart. I would do anything for anybody and all I've ever wanted to do with my life is help people. This started really bothering me last night when I had a dream that I was a nurse and it was great, and I woke up crying and having a panic attack bc I feel like I might not be doing the right thing by not going back! I just want to know if anyone else has ever felt like this...I mean does it get easier once you are a nurse? or do the overwhelming feelings still exist. Also, will I have to start over from the very beginning and even have to retake pre-reqs if I do decide to go back..thanks so much! kel

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that, the main reason I have not been back is confidence. I was always scared that if I did become a nurse, that I would do something accidently that would severely hurt a patient or even kill them. This fear has kept me from going back to school,

and I feel like if I don't go back I might regret it forever

Well, to quote from a law and order svu episode: Don't worry when you feel something...worry when you don't. Fear is natural and it can help you as long as it's not getting in the way of your work. I would imagine that many nurses feel fear during their work day, nurses work in some very scary situations.

It's a tough decision to make...but as far as wanting to help people, that's more of a life encompassing behaviour than just a professional one. Individuals in every profession, from engineering to medicine to financial investing has the potential to reach out and help others. And to be honest, the desire to "help others" shouldn't be the basis for choosing a medical career. It should be part of it, but not all. Do you love science? Do you love the human body? Think about the other aspects of nursing that go beyond helping.

Big hearts are amazing:heartbeat and I'm touched that you want to share yours. I guess what I'm saying is that, if you've got a talent in any area, you can always find ways to share that with those who are less fortunate.

Let me share an example about my current boss. He's very successful in real estate and has made lots of money. But, he does choose to share his knowledge and expertese with non-profit organizations who need to make business and real estate decisions. His input is very valuable, those organizations don't have the resources to hire people like him.

Good luck with everything!


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What have you been doing this past year? Did you spend it studying and sharpening your skills? If not...why not? It takes more than just the desire to be a be a nurse.


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If being a nurse is truly what you desire to be, then go for it. Failing anything will bring down your confidence in that area, and possibly in other areas. Failure makes you doubt yourself, but fear will be your downfall. If you think you won't be able to get the best education in the previous school, try another school. If you think that it may have been that you weren't truly prepared for school, then read up on some things and study what you can to prepare yourself and build your confidence.

More than likely, if you can deal with NS, get past it, and get a job as a'll do fine as a nurse. If your confidence is so low that you don't want to try it again for fear, or you fear you won't be a good nurse even if you do pass, nursing may not be for you.

Only you know whether you truly want to be a nurse, but the longer you wait the less likely you'll be to actually get started. Nobody is promised tomorrow, so if you want this, get started on it.

We learn early in life that when you fall off a bike, you have to get back on it if you want to learn how to ride. It's only natural to think that maybe you can't do this, but look at how many nurses failed a program once, and passed the second time around. I hope you make the decision that is best for you....good fortune on whatever you decide.


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Thanks so much everybody for the advice. I really really do want to be a nurse. I remember when i graduated college back in 2002 with a bachelor's degree in business, and graduation day i was so jealous of all the future nurses! I thought, why didn't I do that, that's really what would interest me. The human body is such an amazing thing to me. It is so interesting that I find myself constantly researching disease processes and different things on the internet. I was really upset the other day, and my mom came over and said "kelly you really need to go back to nursing school...that was the happiest I have ever seen you in your life". I just don't know why I am so scared to go back. I guess I am scared of failure again...and honestly I was in a bad relationship at the time which took most of my time when I should have been studying. Now all of my friends I was in school with have graduated, and I am so happy for all them but also sad that i didnt finish with them. I think I would be a great nurse...once I got the hang of everything. In my nursing class, there were so many students that knew so much already because they had already worked in the hospital for so long, which also intimidated me. I think it is where my heart is and I really need to just go for it. I have applied to many sales jobs since I was last in nursing school, and for some reason or another nothing has worked out....maybe the reason is because i was meant to be a nurse:]


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If you have the passion to become a nurse, I think you should go back to school. It's good to have fear, it will make you more cautious. The nurses who do not have that fear are the ones who make the big mistakes. Med/Surg is very, very hard. Half my class failed also, so I know how devastating that can be.

Did you have a study group while you were taking the class? If not, when you go back, that is a definite must to survive Med/Surg. Have you looked into nursing schools that are on semesters rather than trimesters?

Good luck... and believe in yourself!!! Confidence is key...


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No I have not looked into other schools yet but I am going to this week. Maybe it would be easier on me to go on a semester basis...those trimesters were very rough! Study groups are a very good idea...I did it for other classes and don't know why I didnt for med-surge. I just BARELY failed the class so I know I can do it. I will regret it forever if I don't go back...I just have to face my fears and realize that it is normal to feel this way. Thanks so much!!!


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thanks so much everyone for the advice....will you please pray that i have a school to come back to bc i am in new orleans and gustav has us very very scared...i am sick to my stomach and can not house flooded bad for hurricane katrina and this is looking like the same thing...maybe PLEASE please pray for all of us over here..thank you

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