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Should I go back to bedside to help COVID-19 patients?

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I work in a non clinical nursing position as a nurse care coordinator. I have been having the urge to go back to the bedside to help COVID-19 patients. My husband is a PT at a hospital and deals with COVID-19 patients and death on a regular basis. He is really mentally and physically worn out. He is trying to keep it together. I try to console him, but he always says "you have no idea what it is like." I do not know the extent of what my husband and other frontliners go through. I do have the opportunity to go back and help at 2 hospitals. So I guess I need advice. If you were me would you go back to bedside or stay put at a non clinical nursing position? Thank you in advance for your responses.

It's commendable that you what to help but I think it's a decision only you can make. I assume you've no health contraindications to be concerned with if you're exposed, correct?

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No, I have no health contraindications and I am a little concerned about being exposed.

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Do these two hospitals have adequate PPE?

Yes, they both do.