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Should I get my BSN?

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Hello! I am a ***new*** ADN nurse, would most likely want to continue my education. I am just wondering WHY should I get my BSN? I have no desire to go into management. I am more likely going to be a travel nurse or an ER nurse. Possibly interested in flight nursing, interested in trauma nursing - possibly interested in being an EMS-RN. I have an adventurous side - enjoy the outdoors.

It seems like the "thing to do" is to go and get my BSN - but I'm not exactly sure how this will benefit me! I am looking seriously at Western Governors University, but other than the pay raise - what sort of opportunities would having my BSN open up for me? It seems that experience counts more than

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Whether or not you SHOULD depends on your area/what they require and where you want to work... in my area, you need an MSN to be in management and you need a BSN to obtain a staff nurse position at the metropolitan academic medical centers- which is where most new grads want to work. Community hospitals will take ADN/diploma prepared nurses. There is no extra money for BSN nurses.

Look into it before you make the investment. If you can get the job you want with an ADN right out of school, it's likely that your experience will count for more than the degree.


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Another thing to consider is what you want to do - patient care or areas such as nursing education and management. That being said, many hospitals are transitioning to all BSN nurses, but they will also help cover the cost for you to make that transition. The beauty of having your associate's degree is that the possibilities are endless and there are numerous ways you can build on it. If you are interested in a specialty like flight nursing, having that bachelor's degree on your application would make it a lot more likely to get a second look. You can always work and advance your degree on your own time via a distance learning program (like Excelsior College). Or, you can also take CE and specialty courses to get certified in the interests you pursue, which in the long run will better qualify you in many areas of expertise.

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