Should I embroider "Dr." before my name on lab. coat?

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I am starting a new job as a DNP-BC. Do I have Dr. embroidered before my name and then my DNP-BC after my name on lab coat? Or typically would you leave Dr. off in front of name?

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Congratulations on your new job! In terms of embroidery on your lab coat, the convention can vary by institution and personal preference, but there are some general guidelines you can follow:

It can be confusing to have a doctor in front of your name because a doctor is usually associated with a medical practitioner. You would have to constantly explain that you have your doctorate but that you're not a medical doctor.

So, while you may want to emphasize your doctoral status, some institutions or individuals prefer not to use "Dr." in front of the name on a lab coat to avoid confusion.

 Including your credentials after your name is standard practice and helps identify your specific qualifications and certifications. For you, this would include "DNP-BC."

[Your Name], DNP-BC

Most importantly, I suggest inquiring about any specific guidelines or preferences for embroidering lab coats with your new employer. It's important to adhere to the organization's customs and culture.

Some organizations may have a standardized format that they expect all staff to follow.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth