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Should I drop Microbiology?

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I took microbiology in the spring semester and made a C so I'm retaking it again this semester and I'm not doing so well in the class. If I drop the class, it won't hurt my GPA but it will look bad on my transcript and I have to retake it a third time! If I don't drop it, my GPA will drop (I currently have a 3.3 right now).

I don't know what to do. I've been stressing out about this class so much. The due date for the nursing schools I'm applying to is in January and I'm so scared that I won't get into any of them because I've retaken so many science classes already. (I had to retake A&P 1 and A&P 2 because I made a C in both of them but I made an A after retaking it)...I'm not so certain I can make an A...or even a B in microbiology.

I don't want a C in microbiology in my transcript when I'm applying for nursing school. Please help. Thanks!

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I understand the dilemma; you don't want a substandard grade on your transcript, but multiple attempts (including withdrawals) don't look good either.

Have you checked into hiring a tutor for this course? You're far enough into it to know you aren't doing well, but that doesn't mean you can't be redeemed :)

I'd ask your advisor how to go about getting a tutor, and go from there.

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Pink dream,

Have you taken a good look at the nursing program's policies about retakes, withdrawals and how many you can have of each? Like what specifics do they list out? do they say you could only retake one science course , something like that? You must know of these details on what they allow and don't allow. Based on that information it can help you make your ultimate decision to drop micro or not.

how many more exams do you have ? Is there a final that's cumulative ? Depending on those you may have a chance.

just curious do you know the reasons why you didn't do as well as you want to in micro the first time you took it? Did you take this over summer the first time? In order to improve you must know why you were struggling in the first place.

Are you taking many courses along with micro right now? How much time do you spend per day studying micro?

mirco isn't an overwhelmingly difficult course but it's not a easy peasy slice of cake easy A course either. If you really did put in the time , your true efforts, and studied diligently you will do fine.

i know that this course has so much info thrown at you. so many little details too. if you were confused at one point about something, please seek help via the professor or classmates too. info will build and continue to do so. you could of also asked for help during lab time.

I took micro over a course of 8 weeks during one summer and no way was it a breeze to pass by with no hard efforts. I read and studied almost daily and listened to recorded lectures on a voice recorder.

best wishes

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