Should I choose a Specialized DNP?

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Trying to choose between a generalized DNP practice or DNP specialized in Educational Leadership? Does it really make a difference? (I have my MSN in Education)--- currently working in Pulmonary and considering Aesthetics field...


Program will be funded by employer and choices would be:

Post Sentinel: DNP in educational leadership

GraND Canyon: generalized DNP

Colorado Tech: generalized DNP



Does one open "more doors and opportunities" than the other?

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I would do the generalized DNP if you are not certain about education. If you're looking into the aesthetics field - there's dermatology courses you can take which I am sure educational DNPs will not be taking

Hope this helps 🙂 

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I am doing a generalized DNP with Aspen University and I think it's a good base.

From my understanding, all DNP programs must incorporate the 8 DNP essentials to be an accredited program.

You can always specialize later.

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