Should I Beg for my Old Job Back?

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Dear Nurse Beth,

So I personally have about 2.5 years of experience. About 1 for subacute (rehab\LTAC) and 1.5 for med surg.

Recently I was offered a position on a PCU at different hospital. I jumped at the opportunity as I wanted critical care experience. At my then current place of employment I had dropped down to a registry position as I had taken on the responsibility of care for my mother doing home hemodialysis and other care. I approached my boss and asked her if I could have the opportunity to select what days i work (as my boss and I had previously agreed on every Friday even though my written contract was one day a pay period) to accommodate my orientation.

She seemed disappointed that I was not coming back full time and said she would get back to me. Well orientation was coming so I called in 2 Fridays. My boss avoided getting back to me and I didn't want to lose out on the opportunity so I resigned instead of continuously calling in.

After being at the new place for some time I found it very dissatisfying. The nurses wanted to gossip instead of orientating me or just left me on my own since I was not a "new grad ". Acuity was not taken into consideration with assignments. And it was a revolving door for patients. They push unstable patients to the floor just to get admissions in and the next there is a RR or code blue.

One of my preceptors cried because the patient we sent died. The ratio is 3:1 but one nurse gets like 4 admissions a shift which is crazy. And then once you've completed the admission they want you to give the patient to another and take a new admit. I've approached the director with my concerns and she just states the staff complains too much, she'll look in to it and wants me as her spokeswoman.

I called my previous job that I resigned from and asked if they still needed help. They said yeah and would get back to me after talking to HR. I don't want to look like an idiot begging for old job back but I don't want to work somewhere I don't feel comfortable or have a reliable resource. Should I just wait it out until it gets better or return back to my old job? What's the best choice?

Dear Should I Beg for my Old job Back?

It's not a poor reflection on you to ask for your old job back. You are not the first to try something different and return to the job you left. You certainly won't "look like an idiot" and your manager may be thrilled to get an experienced, knowledgable nurse who needs little if any orientation.

You are asking if you should wait it out to see if it gets better. Have you been there long enough to give yourself time to adjust to the difference in pace between your Registry position and your current position?

You say unstable pts are pushed out to the floor. If this is the norm and not an aberrancy, then yes, I would leave.

Your previous employer verbally said they will take you back, but wait for a firm job offer before you leave so you are not in the position of being unemployed while looking for a job.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth

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