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Should I apply to several FNP programs, or just one?

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I was just wondering if it is a good idea to apply to several universities, or just the one I have my heart set on? I am finishing my BSN in May, and was told I can apply before if all the requirements are met, and start after I graduate. I am considering Frontier School, since I live about 3 hours away, and they allow admissions year round. I could apply to 2 more universities located in the area, but not sure if I should. I never applied for more than one program before, since I always did my "homework" and decided in advance on a certain university. I know it is somewhat different with graduate programs,....so just wondering what other people think ( prior experiences?).


Christen, ANP

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I think it depends on how hard it is to get into your school. If there's a chance you won't be starting or admission will be delayed, I'd apply anywhere I could!


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Thank you! I really do not have any idea how hard it is to get accepted in any program....I was told by and adviser from frontier School that I should have no problem if I satisfy their admission criteria! So...we will see....I guess....or I might send my application to other colleges. I just hate to ask for recommendations ( do not like to bother people) and since they have to sealed....means more work for the people kind enough to write them:-)

ChristineN, BSN, RN

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As the person that applied to only one program and didn't get in (because at the last min they decided to decrease the number of spring admissions), I highly recommend applying to more than one! I am now trying to figure out a game plan for fall, which will include multiple schools. My advice for my recommendations is for them to make copies of recs and just sign each one, so they don't have any more work to do.


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Leanne - I'm currently waiting for a decision on admission to Frontier. None of my reference letters came back in sealed envelopes. Two were faxed and the other was sent back to me unsealed. Anyhow, Frontier told me it was still okay to submit them. I agree with you on not wanting to ask people to jump through hoops once they've agreed to complete the reference form for you :)


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4evernrs...Thank you for your replay...I would like to keep in touch...specially since we might end up in the same program:-) Let me know how it goes with the admission process....I will start mine in 6 weeks:-)....and hopefully start grad school by fall.

I am also currently in the process of applying...both to Frontier and to USI...also considering U of C....hoping to start this fall also... Best of luck to both of you :)


Nothing is ever a safe bet in life, I think it is a good idea to apply to multiple places


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