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Shortages but many facilities have a hiring freeze in place.

I was talking with the grand-daughter of a patient this past weekend, she works in a small town facility. She says they are so short of nurses that care is a real issue but there is a hiring freeze in place at that facility. She said she uses caller ID, an answering machine, and has refused to let anyone at work know she has a cell phone, because they call every day off she is scheduled. She said too, that smoking has began to be an issue there. If an employee smokes, it cannot be on facility property. I have been told at one facility, do not apply if you are a smoker. So, what is happening at your facility? Too much overtime expected? Too many or too few nurses? Is smoking an issue at your facility? Are hiring freezes in effect at most facilities here in WV?

Management has already spent the budget for the fiscal year. Amazing the amount of overtime they were willing to pay out for cleaning/waxing/polishing for Joint commission, but at the same time they refused to pay overtime to fully staff the floor, 4 licensed and 1 NA for 32 patients is NOT safe. I'm on medical leave right now, but just maybe if we had had enough staff, accidents would NOT have happened.

I am sorry you are in pain and unable to work. I hope you feel better soon.

I'm dealing with it...just have cabin fever like crazy...but when get off the couch, I can only walk less than 50 yards and my back goes out again.

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