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I believe that I have developed a "Morton's Neuroma" (self diagnosed) and am having trouble with my regular shoes (Rebok) due to the pain. Any recommendations for a good pair of walking shoes?

(the last time I went to the doc for a little pain in my legs, he took out a disc.........a little wary of docs right now)

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I was having leg and back pain from wearing regular tennis shoes. Found from my experience that you have to replace them after about 4-6 months of use as the support they provide wears out. A better option for me was to switch to clogs. The are stiffer and provide me with much better support and so far last longer. Still on a pair since October. Another coworker I use to have acctually went so far as to have 7 pairs of the same shoe and would only wear mondays shoe on monday and ect. Rj

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Don't know about your particular problem, but I've had all sorts of knee problems. I finally had to switch from Reeboks, New Balance, etc. to Danskos. They have far better support. I have two pairs and switch off every other day -- that helps as well.

I went in circles trying to find a great nursing shoe. My previous shoe was a walking shoe from Famous Footwear and although it worked great with a special arch support, it wore out quickly in the toe area and without an insert it was hell on 12 hours. :angryfire

Recently after trying on every shoe in the store, and being on a limited budget, I bought Nurse mates. They are not the cutsie ones with the strap or flowers, but more or less a slip on leather upper with great arch support. I can honestly say they are the best mid-range nursing shoe I have worn. After 12 hours, I can feel my feet are still comforted and supported. Its like I'm walking around in heavy, cotton socks but with major arch, heel and toe support.

Check them out, and most importantly, wear the socks you wear normally, and walk around as long as you need in the shoe store. Make sure there is nothing you can feel wrong with them. They are one of the most important things to a nurse. :coollook:


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Walter go to a GOOD shoe store and by an expensive pair of leather shoes with ankle support etc. I actually wear for work a pair of Industrial Safety boots. Arch support, ankle support and steel cap toe. If you are going to spent 8/24 and five shifts a week in these shoes you deserve the best you can buy. Also see a Podiatrist for his/her reccomendation.

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