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Hey all, I know there are tons of threads on here about this, but I have more specific questions. I have a wide, flat foot. What would be good shoes to buy? Right now, I work as a server and after a 5-6 hour shift, my feet and ankles hurt so bad I can barely walk. This has a lot to do with my weight, which I am working on, but I want to make sure I get a really good shoe for school. I don't really have the money to fork out for Dankos. I've had my eyes on some Nursemates Dove. Anyone have any opinions? I'd love to hear them.


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I ended up loving my white lace-up Sketchers I bought for nursing school. BUT, the break-in period was somewhat brutal if I remember correctly... I have seen Danskos at some resale shops. Good shoes are expensive, but you may want to try considering your shoes as part of your nursing equipment (like your stethoscope) - it is worth it.


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I've tried various nurse-specific brands of shoes, and my best luck has been with plain old running shoes, the kind of thing designed to take a beating on the pavement and protect your knees. If you need all-leather shoes to fit a uniform code, I like the Alegria clogs (good for wide feet and high arches and much more comfortable than Dansko IMO) but with clogs, for every hundred days of comfort they give you, there's that one day where you step off the edge of them and twist an ankle, or slip trying to run to a bed alarm or code. The lack of support when you have to move quickly is what drove me back to sneakers from clogs. K-Swiss Tubes are my current favorites, perfect for wide feet, comfy, supportive, and durable. I'm on my fourth pair in three years. No good if you need all-white, though.


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Go to the walking shoe store like the walking company or new balance, get FITTED for a shoe and insole. Shoes are not an area to skip in, don't cheap out. Once you know your actual size you can look for shoes. In have Narrow feet and my foot pronates really easy, I have ALWAYS had a hard time Finding shoes. If I get out under 150 it's been a good day. Most people wear a shoe that doesn't fit well. I don't have custom orthotics either. You would be surprised what a good shoe and orthotic support will do for your knees. When you find a line that fits well stick with it.


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I understand money is tight. But, you should really consider splurging on a pair of Alegria. They feel like you are walking on a cloud. By far the best shoes I have ever owned, and I am a runner. Nothing compares to the comfort of these shoes. Save if you have to. They are honestly THAT worth it.


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Thanks for all the input everybody!! I kind of want to stay away from clogs. In high school I had a really bad ankle injury (I rolled it so hard that I tore all the outside ligaments, a tendon, and damaged the cartilage on the inside) so I like to avoid anything that can increase my potential of rolling my ankle, although I know it's possible with any shoe. I want something more like a traditional shoe. Like I said, I've looked at the nursemates Dove and they seem to have good reviews AND come in wide, so I was hoping someone had some input on those particular shoes... but I will definitely look into everyone's suggestions!