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OK, I am really agonizing now. Since I wear shoes that cost more than I make in a week, I really need to be sure before I buy. I have been a devoted Birkenstock junkie for quite some time. I tried on some Danskos on Monday and REALLY liked them. The shoe salesman said he would take Dansko over Birkenstock (he carries both).

So, does anyone have experience with both? What do you prefer?

PS...I know shoes are a personal thing-I see lots of plugs for New Balance and I can't even wear them for a whole day. I am just looking for opinions.


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it seems i have been posting a lot of replies on shoes today.

anyways, i like birkenstock but not at work, i have not tried dansko. what i have been hooked on, eversince i have tried it is the Merrell shoes. they are available at Walking Co, Nordstrom, and some nursing uniform catalogs...hope you'll find one that will work for you..


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I haven't worn the Dansko but I am on the market for shoes too. For the past year I have worn Birkenstocks, but personally, I don't think they're all that great for my feet. The last pair of shoes I had were a great pair of clogs from Shoes For Crews. They were so comfortable! I am in the process of trying to get another pair. Good luck.


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If you like the Danskos, buy them!


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I've never had Birkies but I have had Danskos and loved them. One of the residents at work wears nothing, ever, but Danskos. I can't wait to see her in evening dress. LOL.


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I have just bought my first pair of Birkies- for out of work! and I do like them but for work we have to have enclosed black shoes! so I wear ecco shoes and its like wearing a pair of gloves on your feet! worth every penny!



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I have both Danskos and Birks. I wear my Birks a lot more. The leather upper on the Dansko is stiffer, mine has cracked a little in the corner where my foot bends. The Dansko has a higher heel, and is a harder surface to walk on (if that makes sense) The Birk is more flexable, flat heel, and softer. The cork bottom conforms to your foot to give a more personalized fit.

It is all a matter of preference I think. And the type of floor where you work. In my home unit, I loved my danskos and birks, but on this travel assignment, they were both too hard, and I am wearing asic and nike running shoes.


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I love Merrells, too, and since I don't have to wear white, I have a lot of choice in styles and colors. I can't wear clogs to work though, they just woldn't be safe in a patient management situation. As much as I love the way Danskos look (I've been a clog-wearer since the 70's) I've got a goofy ankle that gives on me if I step the wrong way and I'm afraid the height of the Danskos would make things worse. I also love Birkies and wear them most of all when not at work.



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I had bunion surgery one year ago. I started back to work 5 months later (2 other surgeries after the bunion one) and was able to work 12 hour shifts in my birki-pro clogs w/ backstrap without my feet hurting at all. i haven't tried the dansko so i don't know. i just know i love those horrid looking birks. :)


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Well, I decided just to stick with my Birks. I am afraid I would not be satisfied with the Danskos, and that is a lot of money. I know that I love Birkenstocks, so I will just keep buying my "ugly shoes".


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Well, if you love your Birkies then stick with what works for you!

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