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I am very interested in the report sheet gilf7243 mentioned. I know it is a year ago but is it still possible to post it for me???

Thanks so much


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Thank you! It's a beautiful form! Says it all


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I have to be leader next week (my LAST week of clinicals) and am extremely stessed. :uhoh3: Is there any way that I can get a copy of your report sheet ASAP? Hopefully, this will reduce my level of anxiety about that assignment.:cry:

Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps. is it in .doc form??? For some reason, when I go to download any of the forms from this site (even if they have a .doc extension)......... they download in .php format and I can't open them.

Thanks again!!


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I am also looking for a simple but thorough report form, I guess that I can develop one. When I worked CICU there was a format that could hold all pertinent information for 5 patients. Now I work in Quality Enhancement at a long term care facility and would like to incorporate something similar to aid in better continuity of care provided to the people that we serve. Thanks for any help,


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this is the ICU report sheet I use. I don't know if it will help at all for getting a start to ideas for long term care but thought I would share it.

St. John ICU Report.doc


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Thank you, very helpful. But now I gotta go revise the one I developed! LOL!!!


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The answers to the initial post still help other nurses. Today, July 7, 2012 - 14 years later it helped me :-) Knowledge is a power without expiration date.