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At an inservice the other day they were discussing the issue we have with the 11PM-7AM one wants to do it.

The main night nurse suggested the nursing home start offering a shift differential for the night shift and the DON snapped back "We don't do shift differentials here if we did I would give it to the day shift they work the hardest."


Do most LTC facilities offer shift differentials?

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I think the DON's attitude would keep me from working there. Obviousy, she has never worked a noc shift and doesn't have a clue.

I now work days, but worked nocs for most of my nursing career, and in the career I had previous to becoming a nurse.

I've worked nocs at hospitals, nursing homes, rehabs, and hospice, as well as several different types of factories. I have gotten a noc shift differential at every one of these jobs.

The main reason I prefer nocs is because the suits aren't around.


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There is definately a night shift diff for 3-11 and for 11-7, otherwise very few nurses or cna's would want those shifts. They are not very family friendly and they are hell on sleep patterns. I have never heard of a place not offering a diff. For me it's 2.25/hr for 3-11 and 1.75 for 11-7.:)

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