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I'm a US RN thinking about nursing in Australia. I've been studying the Nurse/Midwife Agreement for Queensland and the Nurse/Midwife "Award" (new term for me) for Victoria. A lot of new terminology for me. Think I finally have a grasp on the levels/grades of nursing. But I have a question about the Victoria Award with regard to allowances (also a new term for me). There is a table in the award that lists shift allowances and allowances for certificates and diplomas. For instance, night shift says $67.70 and post grad diploma/degree says $70.68. What does this mean? Is that per week? Don't get it.


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Ok, so a regular registered nurse starts as a grade 2 year 1 and progresses every year up the ladder. Night shift allowance is per night shift plus Saturday and Sunday allowances per day. Post grad such as a certificate in clinical practice surgical nursing is paid per period (fortnightly)

Also if you are full time in Victoria anyway you are entitled to an ADO accrued day off. Full time is 40 hours a week with shift work but the maximum working week is 38 hrs. Therefore you get a day off a month on top of your rostered days.


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Gee wish I was getting $70 an hour for nightshift and I have post grad that is relevant to my work!!! and I am in charge.

The only thing that makes the money is the pay for working weekends, which is time and a half for saturday and sunday, afternoon allowance for every afternoon and nightshift allowwance given for every night worked.

If you work casual you get normal hourly rates plus .25 as you are not entitled to sick pay nor holiday pay. Plus you still get the allowances for afternoon and nightshift.

Unless you become an ANUM, CNC, NUM shift co-ord whatever, you will be Grade 2 year 10 - if you have been nursing 10 years.

If you are ward nurse grade- 1-10, have post grad then you get an allowance every day for the post grad, cert, dip or masters, of about from memory $1 for cert up, think its 2$ for masters - but post grad must be relevant to the area you are working in. If generic then you will get paid it.

For someone working nightshift in charge every weekend, about 85,000 au. good luck, thats private, which is about the only places that seem to have any work at this time.


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That is possibly $67 or $70 per night shift. Hourly rate is approx $25-35/hr before shift allowances. There is also salary packaging available in some hospitals which saves you tax paid