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I have been reading some threads here, and maybe I'm misunderstanding what people are saying.

In one of my classes my teacher gives a review it is all question answer sessions. She does not say know this or that. After the reviews a few of us got together complied what she said and made a few copies. We gave them to whoever wanted them.

Some people did not want or ask for them

So your telling me we are cheating?

Or the others are going to feel we are?

I did not stand in front of the class offering my review notes, they were mine and I shared with my group, and some others over heard and asked for a copy.

I don't ever want to be accused of cheating.

I want my whole class to do well

Thanks for listening.


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One of our profs offers tutorials prior to tests so that we can go in and go over core concepts and ask questions. He goes through material we will be tested on, just a general overview not specific questions or anything. But we find them very helpful. They are normally held in the evening so some of us may be able to attend and others miss it because of family obligations or work. We share our review outlines and study notes with people we study with. I didn't think it was cheating since its not test answers or anything. We have a study group and we all do our own notes and share with the rest of the group (there's 6 of us) so that we can see if we've missed things or if someone has a better way to learn the material.


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Sounds like what we do

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We all share what we work on. It's not cheating. I study my way and offer my advice. Others study their way and offer their advice.


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Thank you

I feel better now