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I passed my boards but am not getting hired. I had one good interview but they backed out after checking references. I don't know what's wrong, I feel like I have a black X next to my name.

During one clinical I had a breakdown and cried. Everything was going wrong and my instructor was no help. After that things were weird, never seemed right, I always felt like they were talking about me. Now I am applying at the same place and not getting interviews, while people less qualified are getting hired.

I know it's not in my head. This is hurting me, I am scared. I have kids, mortgage, the whole bit. All I ever wanted was to take care of my family. Is there anything I can do?


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Dont give up....Dont limit yourself to the hospital..try nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other places. Hand deliver ur resume to the nurse recruiter after submitting online. Let someone review ur resume.. I believe persistence works. Call after u have turned in ur resume.It worked for me when i graduated years ago........

You already know why u werent hired at that place cos of the incident so u shouldnt have been that surprised....but there are other places..dont give up and be proactive....


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Hello, I am so sorry to hear that you have had difficulties at your clinicals. I would have someone call your references that you know so you can make sure they are actually giving you a good reference. When I was working on my clinicals I saw experienced nurses cry. It did not make them a bad nurse. It is a high stress profession some times. Especially when you care about your work. I have a BSN and have been having the same difficult time. I have applied to over 96 positions and am not having any luck. I would be extremely flexible as a lot of new grads are having problems now. I know lots of agencies are hiring for the flu clinics you might give them a call> It would give you 4 or 5 months of work and a refernce. I have kids and a mortgage too so I know how scary it can be. I hope everything works out for you. :nurse:

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i'm sorry you are having a hard time.. i don't see how a nursing school incident would stop you from being hired.. it was just one time .. there are alot of incidences where seasoned nurses have cried on the job , ithe job is overwhelming at times and stressful... you are only human... you will get a job.. don't give up... i sending you some hugs , sounds like you could use some... you are going to get a job think postive...


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I wouldn't worry about will eventually get hired. Hang in there. A lot of hospitals are having hiring freezes and cutbacks. It will resolve in a brief time and jobs will be plentiful again! I know it's easier said than done, but try not to worry about it. If you are concerned about your references perhaps you could call the nurse manager who interviewed you and ask specifically why you did not get the position. Don't be afraid to have a right to know so you can change or improve your job search strategy. Take care and don't worry....


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I didn't know you could do this, I thought it would be harrassment or something. Lots of good ideas there, thanks.

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The other thing you might want to do is assist your interview style and skills. You might want to consult a professional recruitment agency and see if they have anyone who consults with clients on how to make a good impression during an interview. It might be worth it.

In addition, if you feel that someone is giving out negative information, there are agencies that for a small fee (about $60) will do a reference check for you. They will call all of your references pretending to be a prospective employer to check your references to see what kind of information they are giving out. It may be worth the money.

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