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I called up a few hospitals and they said I have to ask nurses on certain floors if I can shadow them. When I go into work later this week, I'm going to start asking the nurse managers for certain floors.

In the meantime, I was wondering if any nurses in MA are able and willing to have a college grad shadow them for the day? I am trying to get into an accelerated program and will love to shadow a nurse for the time being.

The issue I see is the potential HIPPA violation. Also to follow a nurse you could be exposed to diseases without the proper protection.


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From my experience most hospitals will no longer allow shadowing since you haven't completed a hospital orientation (including Hippa). I know, it a bummer.


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Thanks for replying. I work for a hospital, have all othe shots that they tell us that we need to have, and did the whole hippa orientation and everything...

Maybe I will just have to search within the hospital I am at and ask if I can just be an intern or something.

I appreciate all replies.


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Try the Veterans Hospital. I work in the Providence RI Veterans Hospital Dental Clinic. There we are a teaching college. Maybe a VA near you or another teaching college might be more flexible. We have students come to the dental clinic often.

Good Luck,Kerri


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Thanks a lot Kerri! Yes I have two VA hospitals around me so I will definitely check both of them out.

Thanks for replying.

If you work in a hospital you have completed the privacy training, why not ask HR or nursing department?


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HR said they can no longer set that up. So I will have to find a nurse manager on one of the floors and ask them personally.

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