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Does this exist?

I really would like to shadow an RN for a day and see what a typical day of work would be like. I would even do night shift if I had to.

Has anyone ever been shadowed? Would you find it bothersome that someone is pretty much following your every move or would you feel good about it since you're in a way, mentoring?

Thanks in Advance!


I didn't 'shadow' with an RN, I did orientation with one....a typical day for the RN??? The same typical day for me....LPNC. The only difference? She gets to hang the blood after I confirm it with her....actually I'm glad she does that...I don't want to mess with it. Not squimish, just don't want the responsibility.

I work at a major hospital in St.Louis...Acute Rehab and love it. The RN's I work with treat me as an equal. The are helpful, encouraging and even come to me at times for advise.....I've been an LPNC for over 20yrs. Currently in school for my ADN/RN. Will it make me better???? No, but will open a few more doors and better pay. I really want the same pay since I do the same work.

I've orientated lots of nurses. It's no trouble. I enjoy it and I'm also (hopefully) building a new friendship.

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:) Shadowing happens all the time here. There is even a program for high school students interested in nursing to shadow a nurse. A few begining nursing students have also shadowed.

(Once they are hired, they work with another nurse, a preceptor to guide them along.)

The "shadows" have brief orientation regarding emergency codes and protocol, and regarding confidentiality, then they tag along. We make it clear that if it gets really busy, we may not have time to explain what we are doing and why, so just watch and ask questions later.

We only have shadows for nurses who like and want them. So far it has gone over very well with the community and with the staff. It's kind of fun to show off what I love to do,..... and having someone looking over my shoulder keeps me sharp!

Best of luck to you Maria!!!


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Shadowing happens at our place too. High school students, any nurse wanna-be. Willing nurses only are put in this role, and it differs from orienting because this person hasn't been only considering the role. It is actually a role I enjoy because it feels like PR, and calls for "talking up" the role as something good, something fun, something challenging, something rewarding! It always reminds me of why I went into nursing in the first place and in general, does the same for all the nurses we talk with during "the shadow's" day with us.

I have been shadowed by high school students, nursing students, and RNs. It's a great way to get exposure to the profession. Realize, that it's just a "snapshot" of what we do. I would encourage anyone interested in nursing to shadow different nursing positions -- different facilities -- different shifts if possible.

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Sure SHADOW ME ANYTIME. I would LOVE to show anyone interested what I do. We must educate the public about what we do and how important nurses are to the overall state of heathcare today. is done in my facility from time to time. And when pt load permits, my kids see me at my work, too. In labor/delivery, sometimes you can do this. They love to be able to when they can.

Im being shadowed every day. God shadows me, I love it,it keeps me sharp.

If your local hospital doesn't have a shadowing program, check out the volunteer department. The time committment is a little more intensive, but you can generally get a better feel of what goes on when you're working over a long period of time. (In fact, it was my stint as a volunteer at the local children's hospital that turned me on to nursing in the first place.)

Best of luck!

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