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Hey everyone! I wanted to start the thread for the Spring 2024 applicants for SFSU's BSN. It's pretty early but it might be helpful to be able to talk to each other during the application process. 

nmj said:

Does anyone know if we are supposed to pick and register for classes, or does the program already select which classes we'll be taking? I'm confused because my registration appointment is this week and I'm not sure what to do.

I emailed the nursing department on 11/27 asking this exact question and this is how they responded. "

Good morning,


Welcome Day is scheduled for Monday, December 18th, please plan on attending. We will be going over the schedule and giving registration information at that time. You are guaranteed a spot in your nursing classes. We will be sending a Welcome Day packet by the end of the December 15th week."


Hope to see you then!

Is this for the accelerated BSN? 

Tib said:

Is this for the accelerated BSN? 

Yes, did I jump pn thw wrong thread?  Sorry if I did.

Nurse_Vecchio said:

Yes, did I jump pn thw wrong thread?  Sorry if I did.

Thank you for the info. I'm on both too in case I miss something. 

Hello everyone, I know youve already gotten your acceptances but Im curious how much hours of work experience they will accept for credit, like working as a CNA? What would be a good range of hours?

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